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Parts Availability
Can my item be repaired? If parts are required, are they available to a servicer?
In some states, the answer may be "no."

Here are the states with specific laws governing the availability of parts:

California 7 years after date of manufacture for goods with a wholesale value of $100 or more, 3 years for items valued at $50 to $99.99.  This law covers functional parts only.
Connecticut 4 years after the date of final sale.
Indiana 7 years after the date of final sale.
Rhode Island 4 years after final sale.
New Hampshire For goods valued at over $100, parts and service info
for the period of time covered by the warranty.

Can you please explain why quality service seems so expensive? I don't understand.
You're not just paying for the time spent in your home to repair the product. There is usually research time spent prior to coming to your home so the technician can be prepared to give speedy service once there. There is also some cost involved in getting parts, literature, or any other items needed to complete the repair quickly.

My product was recently repaired, and it has failed again. What should I do?
Contact the servicer who serviced it the first time and give them the opportunity to make it right. Even if it's out of the service center's warranty period, many will give you a "break" on additional repairs.

How can I minimize my risk of being unfairly charged when I have something serviced?
The NESDA Code of Ethics, agreed to by NESDA members, requires them to follow through and give prompt, courteous replies to inquiries. If you are not successful at getting the information you need within a reasonable period of time, you should contact the manufacturer that made the product or the store that sold it. If you are still unable to get information, you may wish to contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and file a formal complaint. View the NESDA Code of Ethics.

Why does it take so long to get a part?
Sometimes they are unavailable from the factory or the manufacturer, and the servicer has to wait. In some cases, parts may be permanently unavailable for your model, even though it does not seem that old.

I bought a television online at an auction site. Where can I buy a warranty for it?
Unfortunately, you may not be able to. Although you may have gotten a great price, the ability to buy an extended warranty may not be available unless you buy through a retail source (either online or offline) that has a relationship with a warranty company. Always ask before you buy a product if a warranty is sold, and ask for the name of the company that will service the warranty so you can check them out.

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