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About NESDA and NESDA Members

What are the benefits of using a NESDA Service Center for your repair?

  • Experienced, Trained Professionals
  • Nationwide Network
  • Quality Customer Service

Experienced, Trained Professionals ...

  • Are more proficient and better educated than the typical servicer
  • Take advantage of ongoing training made available to NESDA members
    • Sponsored by NESDA and regional affiliate associations
    • Available multiple times throughout the year
    • Available virtually coast-to-coast
    • Provided by major manufacturers and other experts
    • Features the latest technologies
    • Provides advanced information on industry trends
  • Technical certification programs
    • CET (Certified Electronics Technician), MST (Multimedia Systems Technician)
    • International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET), the technical division of NESDA, has certified over 50,000 technicians since it began
    • Many NESDA members have met the rigorous requirements necessary to attain CET designation

Nationwide Network of Technicians ...

  • Offers the strength and resources of the premier association for professional servicers
  • Improves your chances of getting qualified, capable service
  • Resource-sharing via the Internet provides support for YOUR servicer
    • Assistance on challenging repairs
    • Locating hard-to-find parts
    • Technical material (manuals, schematics, etc.)
    • Online training
  • NESDA members employ approximately 5,000 nationwide

Quality Customer Service ...

  • NESDA members voluntarily subscribe to a detailed Code of Ethics
    • Ethical business dealings
    • Financial solvency
    • Competent services
    • Guaranteed workmanship
    • Protection against fraudulent trade practices
  • Additional certifications ensure sound business practices

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