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TV Repair Tips (part 2)

If you need to select a service company, visit the NESDA Servicer Locator. You may also want to ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations and carefully screen advertisements for an established business with the proper credentials for your type and brand of equipment, such as:

(1) Has the company been in business for some time at a bona-fide business address?

(2) Do they advertise their business address with their phone number?

(3) Are they a member of a self-policing state and/or local trade association?

(4) Do they belong to an ethics-promoting national trade association, such as NESDA? NESDA members should display a membership certificate with a current date. Some NESDA member businesses are also certified through the Certified Electronics Service Center program. These businesses have complied with rigorous requirements to achieve this certification.

(5) Does the business employ a certified electronics technician (CET) in a position of responsibility? Does it display diplomas from trade schools, manufacturers' special training, and/or an "ISCET CET." certificate from the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET)? ISCET-certified CETs generally carry a wallet certification card.

(6) If your unit is covered in full or in part by a factory warranty, is the company an authorized agent for that type of equipment? (Look for current manufacturer-issued certificates and training diplomas.)

(7) If the product is covered in full or in part by a third-party service contract, is the company authorized to honor the terms of that contract?

When you have selected a service company, be sure to check it out by submitting the name of that business to the Better Business Bureau or other consumer-information agency and ask for the following:

(a) Name and business address of the owner or business principal.

(b) Length of time in business and at what address(es).

(c) Record of satisfactory responses to consumer complaints.

Then, and only then, should you select and contact a company based upon your knowledgeable comparisons.

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