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How Can I Help Keep The Cost Down On My TV Repair?

In order for a TV repair, or any appliance repair, to go well the consumer/servicer relationship needs to be a little like a patient/doctor relationship; a cooperative effort. You, as a consumer, want the repair to be quick, proper, and affordable. The servicer wants it to be quick, proper, and profitable. Those two sets of expectations can be met if you are willing to help the servicer, mostly with information.

First, before you call the servicer or manufacturer, collect the following information and write it down. You may need it more than once.

A. Type of TV, such as LCD, Plasma, etc.
B. Brand name of the TV
C. Model Number, the longest one you can find on the set, (not the model number from the owner's manual).
D. Serial Number
E. Chassis or version number if you can find it.
F. Date of manufacture from model label
G. Date and place of purchase if warranty or extended warranty. Preferably have a copy of your proof of purchase.
H. A detailed description of the problem, not just that it doesn't work.
I. If you are able to make and send a digital picture of the problem via e-mail to the Service Center, it can often be VERY helpful in diagnosing the cause.

Second, when the servicer starts asking questions, either during your call or a call back, cooperate and answer as fully as possible. These questions are expert inquiries about certain conditions and are not just conversation. The answers can effect parts that may be ordered before the actual service visit. It may lead to a resolution of your problem during that phone call. It may determine whether the set can be serviced in home or requires a visit to the service facility. The servicer may ask that you have the TV in a servicable position for the visit, or may ask that it be left in the condition in which the problem is seen. Please comply with this request.

Third, when the servicer moves to scheduling the visit, be as flexible and cooperative as possible. The servicer wants to meet your needs and intrude into your life as little as possible, but he has many service calls to schedule in home and must route them as efficiently as possible to meet the quick, affordable and profitable expectations. If something happens, as it will from time to time, and you can not make a scheduled appointment, notify the servicer as soon as possible. If the servicer has the same problem he will notify you as soon as possible. That leads to another issue. The later in the day your appointment is scheduled, the more likely the servicer is to be early or late. Please be understanding if that happens. This is usually avoided by appointment windows of an hour or more instead of a specific time. You can also often avoid a long wait at home by providing a cell phone or "work" number where you can be called in advance with an agreed amount of time to meet the Technician at your home.

Fourth, have the area where the in-home technician will work in a clean, orderly and workable condition. Remove all decorative items from the TV and surrounding area. Have pets secured away from the work area. We love small children, but they can be seriously injured in the work area so please have them out of the work area as well. If you have any concerns bring them up anytime during the entire event so that both parties have an understanding of expectation.

Fifth, a responsible adult over the age of eighteen should be present for the service visit. This is a requirement of most warranty and extended warranty providers and is just plain good policy for both the consumer and servicer.

Lastly, be alert for phone calls for up to several hours prior to your appointment. Most servicers try to make contact on the day of the appointment, before the visit, to confirm that someone is actually present for the appointment. Most have policies that they will not travel to your location unless contact is made. Many companies consider an answering machine or multiple busy signals an indication that nobody is present for the appointment.

We know that a TV repair is often viewed as an annoyance but we wish to make your experience as pleasant as possible and your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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